Having your senior portrait taken is a time for fun, a time to relax and be you. We have prepared some tips to make your day go as smoothly as possible. Girls… get your tips here and guys check out some tips for you here.

All About Seniors

This is YOUR YEAR. And Jacobson Studio is YOUR senior portrait studio.

We know what this year means. It all leads up to this – beginning with kindergarten, then 1st grade. Remember the difference between 5th grade and middle school? Remember being a Freshman and finally finishing your Junior year? It all comes down to this year… Jacobson Studio understands how important this year is, we want this year to be the year to be remembered.


This is the year of changes, you have changed…your age, your looks, your friends and your interests. Jacobson Studio will show YOU, not someone you are not, just you, because this year is all about you. How do you see yourself? Are you quiet, outgoing, an athlete, a musician…what makes you – well, you? Jacobson Studio will focus on what you want, on how you want to be remembered. After all, this is your last year before beginning the rest of your life.

Let Jacobson Studio show the world who you really are. We get it, we watch the trends, we read magazines and watch all the shows you do, it’s our job to know what you like and to make this experience as easy going as possible. The bottom line is…we want what you want and we want you to have as much fun as we do. Jacobson Studio has the best reputation for giving seniors the ultimate experience…the best time, the best portraits. We have the the greatest selection of backgrounds, we have the best indoor settings and outdoor locations – something to match everybody’s style. And we have the greatest time taking senior pictures.

Isn’t that what every senior should have…the greatest, the best, the ultimate…

Try us out. We have something for everyone (even Mom & Dad), and you will have the time of your senior life.

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