At Jacobson Studio, we know a little about life. We see the beauty of it everyday in our images. We see it in a baby’s smile or tear, in a toddler’s grasp of Dad’s finger, or the defiant look in a senior’s eye, and even in the laugh lines that only a private joke between life long friends can produce.

That’s life…so you have a couple of wrinkles, you’ve put on a little extra weight or maybe all you can see are those few stray grays…that’s life. It changes. It is never the same from one day to the next, that is the beauty of it, that’s life. Your family is just like life. As your family grows and changes, so do the memories. Don’t let today’s memories slip away by saying I will do it tomorrow. Families change, don’t let the little subtle changes of everyday life get in the way. Live your family life with no regrets of the should haves that can creep into our world. Capture it – the life of the moment with a family portrait from Jacobson Studio.

We hear it all the time, clients wishing they would have taken that family picture at so & so’s wedding, that they should have had the grandkids in for a generations image, or just should have gotten everyone together for that family shot at the lake before graduation. Imagine reliving the everyday beauty of your life, your family, with an image by Jacobson Studio.

Because life changes, and often we forget to capture the moment and it is forever lost. Because that’s life, it doesn’t wait, and neither should you.

Capture it. Save it with a family portrait from Jacobson Studio.

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