Remember the day you brought them home, that was just the beginning. Then there was walking and running, losing that first tooth. Before you know it, it was middle school, high school, driving, dating and graduation. Everyday it was something new, a new part of life. Let us help you capture those fleeting moments in life with a special children’s portrait created by Jacobson Studio.

At Jacobson Studio, we’ve seen many babies and children come through our doors. We’ve loved every moment with each and every one! We’ve seen them sleep, laugh or cry . We’ve seen them naughty and nice, big and little, short and tall. We’ve seen the changes in their little lives that make childhood so special.

That’s what childhood is all about, the little things, the changes. We know what makes a child’s life special, we understand the delicate relationship with parents, siblings and grand parents. A childrens’ portrait from Jacobson Studio captures all the little details that make their childhood as unique as life. Let’s be honest, kids will be kids, and we never know what is going to happen. At Jacobson Studio, we do all we can to make the portrait session as easy as possible, on the child and on the parent, creating memorable images Mom and Dad will be proud to display and give as gifts.

At Jacobson Studio, we will provide you with whatever session style suits your needs. We’ll ask what you would like. We want to know where your images will be displayed, or if they are for gift giving. Knowing this helps create the perfect images for your lifestyle. The timeless images that become memories to last throughout the years.

Because babies grow up too quickly, and before you know it the toothless grin is gone. Because that’s life, it doesn’t wait and neither should you.

Capture it. Save it with a children’s portrait from Jacobson Studio.

memorable - cutting edge - timeless lifestyle portraiture.