Camera Classes


I bought this camera because I wanted to (or a salesman talked me into it), and either I……

  •  started taking pictures without looking at the owners manual once.
  • only know about a few of my cameras features.
  • have no idea what the dials, menus and buttons actually do.
  • hope that my photos look as good as I was told they would…without learning.

What is in this beginners (101) class…

  • what is ISO and why should I understand it
  • what does my shutter speed do
  • what does the aperture numbers mean
  • simple tips of holding your camera and pushing the shutter that will get you better photos
  • a look through your menu items and what each of these mean
  • a simple understanding of color/white balance and their settings
  • flash tips to help with low light pictures
  • tips for sports photos, landscape photos and macro photography

This would be a good class to help you understand the camera you have and allow you to take better photos….just sign-up below for one of the classes, dates are filling in fast!

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Intermediate I (202)

Here are some things that will be covered in the intermediate (202) class:

  • an in-depth look at lenses; what they do and which ones do you really need!
  • understanding exposure deeper, so you can control the look of your photos and get it right from the push of your shutter button
  • composition and why the ‘old’ masters made their paintings look so inviting
  • I didn’t know my flash could do that! and other flash-isms that will give you a better understanding of when and how to use your flash

Keep looking at this website for details on these classes and the other ones that will be offered in the future….

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Intermediate II (303) class

  • TBD

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Advanced (404) class

  • HDR
  • Photoshop Elements
  • Macro photography
  • Night Photography

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Who is your instructor…

Ron JacobsonRon Jacobson, along with his wife Toni; have operated Jacobson Studio for the past 34 years. They presently have their studio in Mayville, North Dakota along with a frame shop they also operate.

Ron graduated from the School of Modern Photography in 1977 and obtained the Certified Professional Photographer degree in 1985 from the Professional Photographers of America, and since then has also been bestowed his Masters and Craftsmans degrees from them as well. He has won numerous awards for his photography from Kodak, Fuji, Polaroid, the American Society of Photographers, Northern Light Professional Photographers, North Dakota Newspaper Association and has been Photographer of the year for North Dakota 7 times.

One to never quit learning, Ron has also taught all over the United States and even in Canada skills from Photoshop, Childrens Portraits, Weddings, High School Seniors, Painter, making art and even framing and matting.

The techniques and principles that Ron will share with you will give you a better understanding of how your camera operates and what you can do to capture better pictures. Ron has developed a series of 4 classes (101, 202, 303 and 404) that will go from the very basics of camera operation to complicated things like HDR, photomerging, finding the sweet spot of your lens, high speed flash sync and even some extra classes that will work with macro photography, night photography, sports photography, photoshop elements and more. There is even a separate class for those who have point and shoot cameras.

So if you’re looking to find out how that piece of technology works and how your photos can look better……this is the class or classes for you!

Class space is limited, so register by calling 1-800-344-7667 or sign-up below.